Sunday, January 25, 2015

A picture is worth...

This past week was an amazing week for concerts in Boston. I saw Jerry Gergonzi and The Fringe at the Lilypad on Monday, the Laszlo Gardony Quartet at Regattabar on Thursday, Bill Frisell at Scullers on Friday, and The Bad Plus at the Berklee Performance Center on Saturday. 

With all of these concerts, I wanted to share some pictures and music of different artists instead of a traditional review for all five of these concerts.

A picture is worth...

Jerry Bergonzi's group at the Lilypad
Listen to Jerry Bergonzi playing, "Bye Bye Blackbird":

Jerry Bergonzi
Listen to The Fringe playing, "Angela":

Stan Strickland
Listen to Laszlo Gardony playing, "Out On Top":

John Lockwood

Listen to Laszlo Gardony playing, "Bourbon Street Boogie":

Laszlo Gardony
Kenny Wollesen

Listen to Bill Frisell playing, "Surfer Girl": 

Bill Frisell
Listen to Bill Frisell playing, "Telstar":

Bill Frisell's group at Scullers

My sketch of Bill Frisell

Talking to Ethan Iverson

Listen to The Bad Plus playing, "Smells Like Teen Spirit":

My sketch of Reid Anderson

Listen to Ornette Coleman's "Science Fiction": 

Final Thoughts: 
A picture is really worth a thousand words. All photographs were taken by Paul Burega. All drawings were done by me. 

Please visit my jazz poetry blog, "Without a Poem", where I improvise a new poem everyday. I also have a song and drawing of the day, so stay tuned! 

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