Sunday, January 4, 2015


Happy New Year everyone! With the new year comes new resolutions for all of us. I wanted to share some musical resolutions that I made that I think we can all do.

Mary Lou Williams

1. Listen to new music

I was looking through a deck of jazz cards that I got as a present, and noticed that I didn't know much about certain jazz artists such as Mary Lou Williams, J.J. Johnson, and Lionel Hampton. Also, I am currently reading Herbie Hancock's autobiography, "Possibilities", and I realized that I had not listened to much of Herbie's more electronic music or many of his collaborations with other artists. So I am going to make it a priority to listen to new music, which I will definitely share on this blog. 

To start this resolution, let's listen to Mary Lou Williams playing "Willow Weep for Me"; J.J. Johnson playing "Laura"; Lionel Hampton playing "Flying Home"; and Herbie Hancock playing "Rockit". 

2. Read books every month

Previously I have written a "jazz book club" post on "Treat it Gentle" by Sidney Bechet. Since then I have read Chet Baker's "As Though I Had Wings", and I am currently reading "Possibilities" by Herbie Hancock. Instead of going on the computer so much, I am going to make a point to read more of these biographies and autobiographies. I plan to finish reading Miles Davis's "Miles", Count Basie's "Good Morning Blues", and Charles Mingus's "Beneath the Underdog". I will definitely share my experiences on this blog! 

To start this resolution, let's listen to "Watermelon Man" by Herbie Hancock's group Head Hunters. 

3. Continually learn new things

This past fall I took an online poetry class and I shared my experiences here. This experience of delving into something else that I love has not only given me knowledge in writing, but also in jazz. I think exploring creativity and other interests benefits us all, giving us perspective and insight. 

To start this resolution, I am going to take an online  Edx class on Entrepreneurship. If you want to learn more about jazz, Edx is offering a Jazz Appreciation class as well. These classes can be audited for free and are at your own pace, extremely helpful, and free of pressure - so let's all learn something new!  

Final Thoughts: 
I hope we can all continue with our resolutions and make them a part of our everyday lives. 

Please check out my jazz poetry blog, "Without a Poem", where I improvise a new poem everyday. I also have a drawing and song of the day, so stay posted. 

I was very happy this week to finish an idea I wanted to pursue for a while - setting one of my poems to music. I hope to combine more music and poetry this year, and even finish some of the short stories I have been writing. Watch "Guardian" here. Read "Guardian" here

What are your resolutions? 

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