Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lively Jazz Songs

In the midst of winter, anyone is sure to lack energy. Because of this, I wanted to compile some jazz songs that bring me energy, and make the days come alive.

My sketch of Dexter Gordon

Lively Jazz Songs

1. Fried Bananas

Jazz at Lincoln Center has free streaming of concerts on Livestream. They broadcast many of their concerts, so most weeks you can watch two or more concerts - all from the comfort of your home! Last night I watched, "The Music of Dexter Gordon", and the band played "Fried Bananas". Dexter's full tone combined with the swinging rhythms can liven any day!

The soulfulness and energy in this song can feel like a party or even a trip to church! Cannonball and his brother Nat build the dynamics from soft and soothing to booming and electrifying. 

Thad Jones and Mel Lewis made an extraordinary big band team. This song has a tight horn section, and a roaring rhythm section. I love the mix of solos and full band sections. 

4. Birdland

Weather Report was a major "jazz fusion" band, that combined jazz with rock, funk, electric music. "Birdland" have a heavy groove, and repeating melodic figures that get your toes tapping!

5. Dancing in Your Head

Ornette Coleman is a major innovator in free jazz music. "Dancing in Your Head" has Coleman's signature sound, blended with an extreme jubilance conveyed through a repeated melody. This live version really shows the intensity in Coleman's demeanor.

Final Thoughts: 
No matter how tired the week can get, listening to some lively music brings joy and renewed energy to everyone.

Please visit my jazz poetry blog, "Without a Poem", where I improvise a new poem every day. I also have a drawing and song of the day, so stay tuned! This week inspired my haiku, "Food".

What songs bring liveliness to your week?

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  1. In the Mood always brings liveliness to my week.