Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jazz Quotes 6

This week I wanted to go back to my series of inspirational jazz quotes.

Pianist-bandleader Earl Hines

Jazz Quotes 6 

1. Erroll Garner 
I get ideas from everything. A big color, the sound of water and wind, or a flash of something cool. Playing is like life. Either you feel it or you don’t.
Listen to "Misty":

2. Marian McPartland
As long as I can still be on my own and do my own thing and be working full time, it's great.
Listen to "Skylark":

3. Benny Goodman
One way or the other, if you want to find reasons why you shouldn't keep on, you'll find them. The obstacles are all there; there are a million of them.
Listen to "Sing, Sing, Sing": 

4. Earl Hines
You may have holes in your shoes, but don't let people out front know it. Shine the tops.
Listen to "Memories of You": 

5. Lee Morgan
There are no natural barriers. It's all music. It's either hip or it ain't.
Listen to "Theme for Stacy": 

Final Thoughts: 
I hope these quotes help inspire us going forward this year. Although short, these quotes carry a wealth of information. 

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